Ki Wellness Consulting, a division of Rancho Arco Iris, Inc. Presents Joe

Joe Gundy's and Dellray Baker's Schedules


BioMat Sessions
Contact Dellray at 208-860-5032 to book an appointment. Sessions are available by scheduling only!

Isagenix appointments are also available through Dellray's services.

Reiki I and II
Are currently available upon request.


Certified Professional Mediation Services specializing in real estate, business and medical cases are available.

Consultation for health and wellness: call for an appointment!

General business and other services are also available.

Both Dellray and Joe are available for personal and/or business consultation.

Contact Dellray Baker or Joe Gundy at 208-860-5032 or 208-860-7765 For more information and locations.

Appointments are available for BioMat and Reiki Treatments as

well as consulting sessions for health or any other personal

reason. Please call 208-860-5032 or 208-860-7765 for more information.

Updated February 10, 2018
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