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The symbol for Reiki is Japanese in origin. It has evolved over time. This ancient healing art brought to modern times is based upon specific symbols for healing. Those symbols are learned over time with the practice of Reiki.

"In the form that I have learned, there are three levels. There is first degree where one learns the basic art form and how to treat the body. In second degree one learns some of the fundamental symbols of Reiki that are used for healing and how to send a treatment over a distance or time. Then there is third degree or mastery, which is the step one takes if one wants to teach Reiki." Mr. Gundy has noted.

Reiki is both ancient and modern. It fits the need in our times for a spiritual quest and can be used dynamically as a healing tool. It can be used in conjunction with almost any other healing modality. Virtually anyone can learn this healing art. "I have taught doctors, priest, nuns, massage therapists and all kinds of regular people." Joe has said, " and anyone who wants to can learn it."

Both Joe Gundy and his wife, Dellray Baker are practicing Reiki Masters.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning literally, Universal Life Force. It comes from the work and life of Dr, Mikao Usui, founder and developer of Reiki. His story is unique in that in being challenged to find a way to heal with his hands, he developed this classic hands on healing art that has exploded in the world today.

"When I first became a Reiki Master in 1986, we were about 40 or so in the entire world as far as I knew," Joe Gundy has noted. "But now the number is unknown, and probably there are more than 40,000 Reiki Masters in the world as it has been taught in virtually all populated continents of the world. I have had the privilege of teaching in Europe, the United States and in South America. Reiki can be used by anyone. It does not require special talents or gifts, just the desire to learn how to do it. It is simple. All one must do is receive initiations or attunements from a Reiki Master, learn how to practice it in the course of a first degree class and then get out in the world and lay your hands on!" Mr. Gundy has explained.

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