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Ki and Reiki, My Story
is a book published by Rancho Arco Iris, Inc. in 1995 and is the first book that Joe Gundy published. It tells the short history of Reiki, the natural healing art, as it came to Mr. Gundy during his studies as a Reiki student. It also chronicles the story of Dr. Mikao Usui, who is credited with the re-discovery of this simple hands on healing art. Usui's System of Natural Healing, Usui Shiki Ryoho, has grown in great popularity throughout the world and is taught by many Reiki Masters as well as Mr. Gundy. It is available at local bookstores as well as or can be purchased on-line using our shopping cart.

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Computeritis, and How to Survive the Technological Age
is officially released as of July 4, 2009.

Published by Publish America, Computeritis is both a lament and a solution. It chronicles the saga of operating an ISP in the tech-wreck times of the 1990's and 2000's and the means needed to maintain sanity and well-being in those kinds of troubled times. If you have ever had an anger episode in front of your crashed computer, you can relate to Computeritis. If you have spent hours writing a document and lost it before you saved it on your computer, you know what Computeritis is. Mr. Gundy's more than 30 years of natural healing practice and extensive background in healing and wellness arts shines through the second half of this book as he explains a wide variety of techniques that can be used to heal troubled hearts and souls and maintain a sense of well-being even in the most challenging of times. The techniques include Reiki, Sound Wave Energy, Prayer as well as meditation, prayer instructions and other beneficial tools. Mr. Gundy also explores the nature of being and our spiritual essence. This book is useful for any person who experiences modern stresses and challenges and needs some helpful advice on how to proceed lovingly forward in life.

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The word, computeritis, became part of the American lexicon, officially, when the Oxford English Dictionary recognized it as a new word in March of 2008. It means: the excessive use of computers; the fact of being detrimentally influenced by computers. Also: illness or disability attributed to the use of computers, esp. carpal tunnel syndrome. This is clearly a stress-related disease.

Computeritis is a modern, technological dis-ease. It can only happen around computers and when one uses them. Although, we can be affected by them by telephone or television and other ways. People who have jobs where they must continually sit in front of a computer screen or use a keyboard for extended hours each work day are the people most likely to have computeritis. Computeritis can just be something as simple as feeling out of sorts or grumpy from using the computer. It is possible that we are impacted by the electromagnetic fields surrounding electronic equipment. It can also be an anger response triggered by the computer or some failed aspect of the computer. Crashes, lost work, malfunctioning software programs, and locked-up screens are just a few of the routine experiences that can trigger an episode of computeritis. The physical symptoms can be wide-ranging. Loss of vision or blurred vision is a common experience. As stated before, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common physical debility caused by computeritis. Backaches, headaches and other body muscular pains can result from sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Obviously, in the long-term, to maintain well-being, one must avoid all episodes of computeritis, and do whatever is necessary to alleviate the problem with the computer.

Perhaps, though, the emotional results of computeritis can be most debilitating. When one becomes angry because of a computer malfunction, the body’s immune system is weakened, making one more susceptible to other body diseases. Also if the user is experiencing regular computer malfunctions, they become emotionally triggering and it is very difficult to exit this mental/emotional setting and the user can find oneself in a permanent state of anger. This is very stressful to the mind and body. This again in the long-term can cause other physical problems. It is very important for each individual to monitor themselves and maintain an emotional and mental balance when regularly using a computer. One must also do things that counter the stress encountered using computers.

In a culture that two generations ago was promised more leisure time, more productivity and easier economic circumstances, we have instead substituted computer work. It is one of the fastest moving technologies in the history of mankind. It changes more and more rapidly, with faster technology and newer versions of software coming virtually every year. No one is capable of keeping up with all aspects of the computers. It has become very stressful for anyone dealing within this technology. Within this very fast moving realm, it is very easy to have learning curve challenges, as well as those experiences that can lead to virtually any aspect of computeritis. So, now instead of more leisure time, we find ourselves needing to address stress issues and learning how to deal with computeritis.

By: Joe Gundy, July 21, 2009 All rights reserved, copyright 2009.


Love, Poetry, & Philosophy

Joe has completed his latest book, and executed a contract with PublishAmerica. The book has been released as of July, 2010. Love, Poetry & Philosophy is several poems, letters, and essays written about the subject matter of love, the nature of being and life and spirit.

It is inspiring in its viewpoint, and helpful for anyone pondering the meaning of life. See what people are saying about this new book:

'"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, really loved so many of your poems, and wished there was more to read when I got to the end. I felt inspired and think your book is great..."
                            `    Conee L. Spano, M.Ed.
                                  Professional Wellness Consultant and Coach
                                  Professional Stress Management Trainer

A ribbon of Love, love of Life, Truth, and Wisdom, runs through Joe Gundy’s book Love, Poetry, and Philosophy. It’s Joe’s journey of awakening to self-knowledge, awareness, and oneness.  You will see yourself on each page.  Pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. 

                                Soke Bob Hill, Master Instructor

                                Japan American Butokukan Karate Association,


This book is straight forward and mentally provocative.  It is a must read for anyone seeking knowledge about how to have inner peace and express it in their daily existence. 

                                Kaja Green-Tovar, CPT NASM


Touches you on all levels; things to ponder and to take the next step to knowing yourself. Loving words that trigger emotional and spiritual response. A great read, written by someone who digs deep in the human soul.
                        Dellray Baker, Reiki Master, Touch Therapist

Mr. Gundy's next book is titled, I Choose, which is a little manual featuring a stream of conscious choices that almost any person can use to change their life. Facilitators, therapists and doctors can use this manual to help their clients work through personal issues. The layperson will find this book useful to create major change in their lives. It directs thought clearly. And it also teaches the user how to do so, taking conscious control of the choice process for the great benefit of the reader, their personal process, and the mutual benefit of everyone.

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