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The Richway Amethyst BioMat has been a very powerful healing instrument in my life. Struggling with an undiagnosable illness forced me to look at a variety of healing modalities, and to definitely look outside the box to find wellness. Wellness is so much about thoughts and attitudes. But there is also the component of finding the "right" things that can actually help you get better. The BioMat is one of those things for me.

It is very unique in form and purpose. It generates, through a Texas Instruments control box, a direct current electrical flow that manifests both negative ions and Far Infrared. The negative ions create  a field of health enhancing antioxidants, just like being at a waterfall or the beach. The Far Infrared is the most healing, beneficial rays of the Sun. The temperature of the BioMat has a range of 95o F to 158o F. Because of its unique 17 layer construction the Far Infrared is able to penetrate the human body much more deeply than a conventional Far Infrared device. This is like getting a massage on the cellular level. The treatments on the BioMat can be focused for pain relief, relaxation and even body detoxification. Regular treatments are cumulative in nature, increasing vitality, relieving pain symptoms, and enhancing a general overall sense of well-being.

It is based upon a variety ot technologies including Nobel Prize winning chemistry for negative ion exchange on the cellular level. NASA developed some of the healing benefits of the BioMat looking for a tool to help isolated astronauts in space. The frequency of the BioMat is the same as human touch, hence some of its unique healing benefits. By going to our BioMat website, click here, you will find some more documentation as well as a great testimonial video about the BioMat and its uses.

Both my wife, Dellray, and my daughter, Jaya, sleep on the BioMat every night. it can be set at a comfortable temperature that keeps them warm at night, and a person can sleep on the BioMat in the lower temperature ranges for 12 hours. Medium temperatures are great for helping the body overcome bacteria or viral infections, and I have used it numerous times to prevent my body from taking on a cold, by just getting on it at 141o for just a half hour. At 158o it is better than getting in a Sauna. I can feel the heat penetrating my body much deeper than in a Sauna, I sweat, (one should drink a more than adequate water supply to stay hydrated) and always feel better after a detox session like this.

The medium range temperatures are also great for releasing the aches and pains of the body and muscles. It helps with arthritis and sore muscles. My friend, Conee Spano, used it to relieve chronic back pain that she received from having had automobile accidents. There is a great story on the BioMat video (watch it by clicking here) about a gentleman who was suffering from late stage prostrate cancer and he was able to heal it completely by taking high heat BioMat sessions. I understand that a lot of treatment clinics in Europe now use Infrared and the BioMat for cancer treatments.

It is clear that we all need to be our own advocates when it comes to our own health. In the day of specialized doctors, not one of them can know or understand all of an individual's needs or even what is necessarily the best for our health. So we have to do everything on our own behalf to stay well and vibrant. The BioMat is just one thing that I have found that has helped me. (Click here to go to the BioMat website.)


I have never been one to take a lot of vitamins. I have always had a sense of the chemical adulteration that occurs and how difficult it is to find something that is really healthy. We need vitamins and minerals because our food supply has been weakened by the fertilizing of soils with incomplete chemical fetilizers and the over production of crops and the depletion of those same soils. This means that we need to take something to help us receive our proper nutrition. Foods these days are rated by their ORAC value. (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). This measures the ability of food to produce antioxidants to help remove free radicals which are believed to be in part responsible for the aging and deterioration of our cellular structure. Many spices are high in this ORAC value. Some spices are very high in ORAC value. The foods that have the highest values are Acai berries and chocolate. The problem with most foods, though is that they are cooked. This depletes the ORAC value. Now, the Xocai Chocolate Company has developed a technology that cold-presses chocolate preserving the highest ORAC value possible. You can find our Chocolate website here. You can find out more about the history of chocolate by going to Dr. Steve Warren's website here. He also has some great information about the science of chocolate and its health benefits. You can find that information by clicking here on his "You are what you eat" page.

the Xocai story is unique and there are some amazing testimonials about people, the relief from pain that they have had, and numerous other health benefits that are part of the Healthy Chocolate story. About 1 billion people eat chocolate everyday. I am glad to be one of those who eats Healthy Chocolate. Be sure and check out our website for more information about Healthy Chocolate here.

I will be updating this page often with more testimonial information and other products that I have found that are health and wellness beneficial. Please come back as often as you like.

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Last updated July 25, 2012

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