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This is an image of the Matterhorn I painted from memory after a ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland. (Oil, 3' x 4', 1991)

This picture was taken on a sunset drive down the Bogus Basin Road, the entire Treasure Valley of Idaho was covered with snow. (Acrylic, 18" x 24", 1986)


The watercolor here represents the many rainbows that are seen in the Boise River Canyon near our home in Boise County, Idaho. (Watercolor 12" x 18")

The palm trees on this beach of Trinidad, blowing gently in the offshore breeze always remind me of the idyllic nature of life. (Acrylic  24" x 30", 1986)

Once again the scenes of Idaho are represented in this painting. The flowing colors, the grasses in the breeze, and the colored sky are so beautiful and varied in Idaho.
(Watercolor 16" x 24")


I titled this abstract "The Big Picture." You have to see it up close to begin to understand why I called it that. (Oil, 36" x 48")

This watercolor is called "Snowstorm" and is a picture that I did with my daugther, Jaya. (Watercolor, 18" x 24")


This painting was one of my first experiments with the idea of abstract. I called this one "Purple Heart." (Oil, 24" x 30", 1994)



Sometimes my paintings are just the moment's flow of color and ideas. This one is called "Angel Descending." (Oil on cardboard, 14.5" x 21.5")

The play with color is the intent with "Male and Female on Venus." (Oil on cardboard, 18" x 32", 1992)

The Sculpture Garden

Welcome to my natural Sculpture Garden. We reside at 2.5 acres in the Boise Mountains where the desert meets the forest. It is very delightful.

Maybe someday you'll walk the trail that takes you through the Garden.

#29, "Why? 'Y,' 'Y?' August 25, 2007

That is simply what this is, a y in the ground.

April 15, 2009, moved to current location.

#12, "Which Way?" August 25, 2007

The grooves sawed into this piece show some of its history. Intended as just an ordinary peice of firewood, it was abondoned after two attempts to break it up. Now it shows its scars rather proudly. This Winter it got covered with gravel, from all the snow we had.

#14, "Lumpy in the Change" August 25, 2007

This is part of another larger peice that has been rebuilt many times when the wind has blown. And it is lumpy.

Rebuilt and moved to current site, April 15, 2009


#14A, "SR7384: Originally "Lumpy in the Change," August 25, 2007

I loved the label that blew in this winter. Now it's its name. Love the wood, too.

Rebuilt and moved to current location April 15, 2009

# 8 & #13, "Snag #1." and "Snaggle." August 25, 2007, updated April 25, 2009

Snaggle is a beautiful torn piece of wood that reflects the inner nature of the wood. Its surroundings of bitter brush, sage and grasslands are both abrupt and soothing. The surroundings are nothing but to love, even if life isa snaggle. Set against it is Snag #1, moved by snowplow th winter of 2008-9.

#43, "The Family." April 15, 2009

Quite a Family. The large one, "Dad," has been around in various incarnations, while "Grandma,"0 and "Mom," and rest of the family came into being this Spring.

#9, "Wasp in the Hole." August 25, 2007

The Family are checking out this piece. Bend down to see the old wasp nest in the hole of this old piece of wlld.

#44, "The Rest of the Family." April 15, 2009

Here's the rest of the family, "Sister," and "Tiny Tim."

#11, "Wedge on a Blue Barrel." August 25, 2007

The joy of the woood insired the name for this piece. It is the wedge. The Family stands around the Blue Barrel.

#10, "Rocking." August 25, 2007, and rebuilt April 16, 2009

Originally named "Rocking,"  This piece was restacked after a wind storm. There is a tedious balance among these peices of wood. After a bad wind they have to be restacked. This is the nature of rocking.

Which is also affectionately know as "Dad."

#45, "Grandma." April 16, 2009

An essential part of the Family, Grandma.

#21, "Let's Burn the Witch." August 25, 2007

How mis-shapened the peice of wood is sitting on the burn pile like a witch ready to be burned at the stake. We'll probably burn the pieces in smaller fires.

#46, "TeePee Village." April 16, 2009

Beautiful, in the Canyon.

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