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So much happening! So little time!

We have all been busy with many projects. Joe is still teaching at BSU. The courses include Conflict Management, Mediation, Negotiation as well as a week-end workshop called "Ki Training for Centering in Conflict Management." It is a 15 hour workshop based on the martial art Aikido.

He is also still licensed as a CPM, a certified professional mediator.

At the same time as lecturing at BSU Joe has been attending classes to complete an MA in Collaboration and Conflict Management. Always the perennial student, there have been times when he has seemed a bit too busy! He is looking forward to completing the degree in May of this year.

Another graduate in the family is Jaya. Now 22, she is completing her student teaching this semester at Idaho City's Basin School. She is working with Mr. Bell, one of her favorite high school teachers. Jaya says she loves teaching mathematics and looks forward to getting her bachelor's degrees in mathematics and secondary education.

She has immediate plans for entering the Peace Corps at the end of May traveling to Liberia, Africa to teach, guess what? Mathematics! She awaits legal clearance to finalize this exciting adventure.

Dellray is working Isagenix, loves a new product called Protovite, enjoys her women's groups, and is the number one supporter for both Jaya and Joe.

Something unique and unusual is our journey with "structured water." A unique "wu wei" concept of altering the structure of water so that instead of long chain molecules the water takes a hexagonal shape that is much easier for the body to use. The long chain structures of regular tap water, filtered water, or even bottled water take a tremendous amount energy to break down for the body's cells to utilize. The water is like the kind of water that has had a long journey down a mountain stream, pure and very usable, returned to its natural state. Both Dellray and Joe love drinking and showering in structured water. It enhances human consciousness and we both see it as a necessary vehicle on our continuing journey in spiritual consciousness. You can find our more about it by clicking here.

There are some great specials on the water structuring units available for a short time and you can find pricing and details by clicking on the link here.


Dellray and Joe are both available for treatments and consulting sessions.

One of Joe's latest books is available:

I Choose

The latest book by Joe is now available through Joe's publisher, AmericaStar books. This latest book is a simple workbook that can be used by anyone to enhance the efficacy of choices in manifesting one's happy, successful life. You can find out more about this simple read or order this volume by clicking here.

Love, Poetry, & Philosophy

It is available on this website or can be purchased directly from the publisher at More information on the Books page.


Computeritis, and How to Survive the Technological Age

Official Release Date:
July 4, 2009

Joe Gundy, author, painter, Reiki Master, and Wellness Consultant, is pleased through his company, Ki Wellness Consulting, a division of Rancho Arco Iris, Inc. to present this website with current information about his books, schedule and services, and some of his paintings. The company is affiliated with several health products and services and links to those variety of products can be found on the About Us page, or the Wellness, BioMat page as well as those listed above. Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and we hope you enjoy reading about Reiki, our services and our books!
More information about Joe's current books can be found on the Books link to the right. His first book, Ki and Reiki, is still in print and available at as well as in most book stores. You can also order it directly online on our shopping cart. His recently published book, Computeritis, and How to Survive the Technological Age is now available for order and was officially released July 4, 2009. All orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours. Go to our Shopping Cart to order either of these books. OR,

His book Love, Poetry, & Philosophy is now available on this website.

Joe also has upcoming titles available in the near future and you can find more information about those works on the Books link to the right. You can also see his work and speaking schedule and Dellray's working agenda on the Schedule link. For more info about the services offered, please click About Us. To see some of Joe's paintings and sculptures click on  Art & Sculpture.


Snail Mail:

Joe Gundy OR Dellray Baker
15 Joy Lee Circle
Boise, ID 83716


208.860.7765 (Joe)

208.860.5032 (Dellray)



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